Wooden Middle School Science Teacher, Adam Peterson, Selected as a National Advisory Board Member for ‘Infiniscope’

21 Nov, 2017

MSD of Martinsville is proud to announce that John R. Wooden Middle School science teacher,
Adam Peterson, has been appointed as one of only 30 educators within the U.S. to participate
as an education advisory board member for ‘Infiniscope.’

Infiniscope is a space exploration program used to engage student learning through immersive,
educational experiences. Dreamt up by Arizona State University’s (ASU) School of Earth and
Space Exploration, the Infiniscope project recently received a 10 million dollar grant from
NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

The goal of the advisory board for Infiniscope is to critically analyze products, tools, and
student lessons used for the program.

“The Infiniscope Education Advisory Board members are an essential part of the success of
Infiniscope, providing immediate feedback on how the experiences will work in both traditional
and non-traditional settings,” – Ariel Anbar, principal investigator of Infiniscope and
astrobiology professor at Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration.
Mr. Peterson graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2004 with a baccalaureate in Broad
Field Science. He received his Master’s in Science Teaching from the New Mexico Institute of
Mining and Technology in 2011. His professional experience includes nine years working as a
middle and high school science educator in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. In addition, Mr. Peterson
was the instructional coordinator at the Indiana Math and Science Academy in Indianapolis, IN
for one year before accepting his current position of 7 th /8 th grade science teacher at John R.
Wooden Middle School.

“At our first meeting a couple of weeks ago, it sounds like it was pretty good competition across
the country for these positions so it is an honor to be selected to work on the first advisory
board for Infiniscope.  I couldn’t have done it without the amazing recommendations I received
from Christa Mathews and Eric Bowlen.  I really look forward to using the new products that
ASU partnered with NASA are looking to push out to schools across the country.  It should be an
interesting and fun experience and I cannot wait to get to work.” – Adam Peterson, science
teacher, John R. Wooden Middle School

Website https://infiniscope.org/