09 Nov, 2018

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Submission by the Martinsville Artesian Chess Club


The Martinsville Artesian Chess Club and the University Elementary Chess Club of Bloomington are proud to announce that the 2019 Scholastic Chess of Indiana Team Chess Championships will be held on March 23, 2019, at Martinsville High School, in Martinsville, Indiana. Approximately 600 Kindergarten through 12th-grade chess players from across Indiana will represent their schools in the Team Championships.

In each round of team chess, four players from one school compete against four players from another school. Players are ranked according to their ability, and the team with the most individual game wins in the round, wins the entire round. This format allows kids of all abilities to be competitive throughout the event.

According to Andrew Pilat, a Martinsville High School sophomore and longtime chess player,
“Chess teaches teamwork and familiarity in a way that nothing else has thus far. I think of the Artesian Chess Club as a family who has continuously supported me.”

The City of Martinsville and the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville are looking forward to welcoming Indiana’s scholastic chess players and their families this coming March. Our guests will find a vibrant, local business community eager to help them have a memorable visit.

“I am very excited that the tournament is coming to Martinsville. I know our guests from around Indiana will feel very welcome and experience our city’s great sense of community,” said Pilat.

Scholastic Chess of Indiana (SCI) is an organization dedicated to offering chess events and tournaments to Indiana’s K-12 students. SCI believes that chess tournaments teach students the values of fair competition and teamwork regardless of wins or loses. SCI sponsors the Scholastic Individual and Team Championships each school year. The Artesian and University Chess Clubs are dedicated to fostering scholastic chess in both Martinsville and Bloomington. The two cities currently have active student memberships, and both have placed well at scholastic tournaments with Martinsville winning the 8th and Under Team Division just last year.

For more information about the chess tournament, please contact Andrew Pilat from the Artesian Chess Club at [email protected] or Jayne Burke, Community Relations Director for the MSD of Martinsville, at [email protected]


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