Family Service Coordinators

The MSD of Martinsville recognizes the importance of parental and community involvement in education. The mission of the family service coordinators is to link home, school, and community in order to assist students in reaching their full potential.

We offer:

Help in Your Home with Personal Visits

  • Assist with communication between home and school
  • Tips for helping your child with homework
  • Home visits can be arranged to accommodate parents’ work schedules

Help for School and/or Home Behavior Concerns

  • Coordinate school and home behavior plans
  • Assist in scheduling school work and family routines
  • Tips on discipline

Transportation Assistance

  • School conferences
  • Medical appointments
  • Social service appointments

Referrals to Community Resources

  • Identify local counseling resources
  • Identify local medical resources
  • Assist with social service applications
  • Identify family needs and refer to community agencies

For questions, please contact our family service coordinators:

Patti Ostler


Lisa Bennett