Visiting the School

Parents/Guardians are always welcome. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to attend special
. ​Visitor name tags,
provided at the office, are to be worn by all visitors in the building. As visitors leave the building,
they must stop by the office and sign out. This is a required safety procedure.

  1. Background checks must be completed annually​. These are required to attend or help
    at parties, classroom visits, field trips, lunch visits, and/or any activity at school during
    the school day.
  2. Conferences should be arranged in advance, and at a time when the teacher does not
    have a child or children in the classroom, or is not on duty elsewhere.
  3. From time to time, your child may bring home notes or newsletters from school. All of
    these are important to the student as well as to parents. Please be sure to read the
    newsletter carefully. Information can also be gathered from visiting the school website.

AIPHONES Security System

Any individual entering our school must enter through the main doors. There is a box mounted
on the right brick wall near the front door of the main entrance. Please press the button and
state your name and the nature of your business to gain entrance. Once inside, please follow
the visitor procedure.

Tip Line

A tip line is now available for anyone to submit a safety concern. To submit a tip, activate the
icon located on the upper right corner of any MSD of Martinsville web page. Submit a tip to help
make your school safer!

Emergency Pick Up Procedures

Students who are picked up during a crisis situation must be signed out.​ ​Only those persons
authorized on the emergency card will be allowed to pick up your child.


In case an emergency weather situation occurs while the children are at school, each
teacher will provide proper instruction for each classroom. Emergency procedures are
posted in each room. Practice drills are conducted regularly so that students will be
familiar with procedures if needed. Each student is expected to follow instructions
without delay or interference.

Fire Drill

Fire drills are necessary for the safety of the children, teachers, and school staff.
Teachers will explain which exit to use from their rooms. Children are instructed to
walk, NOT RUN, and go quietly to the area designated by the teacher.


A tornado alarm will be sounded when an alert is in effect. A plan for taking shelter has
been developed for our school. The teachers will direct children to the designated
shelter areas.

Severe Weather and Cancellation of School

When severe weather closes school before the day begins, local radio stations are the first to be
contacted and serve as the best source of information. When possible, announcements are
made before 6:30 a.m. and the Superintendent of Schools or designee may make a mass call to
parents’ primary phone numbers to inform parents of a school closing. Tune your radio to
WCBK (102.3). Please do not call the school office for closing information.
The School Messenger phone system depends on phone numbers in the school’s data base to
deliver phone messages to your home and/or cell phone. Current emergency information is
critical for the school office and database. We need to be able to contact you in the case of an
emergency, injury, or sickness. Should you move during the school year or your telephone
number changes, it is essential that you notify the school office immediately.

Custody Orders/No Contact Orders

It is your responsibility as a parent or guardian to provide the school with any updated
information concerning custody of your child. We must have the necessary information or
changes signed by the judge. We will keep that information on file. We cannot use information
that concerns custody of a child from an attorney or another party.

If a situation changes we must receive in writing an agreement by both parties. We can accept
that document unless it is in strict violation of the court order. Example: Father picks the child
up on Mondays from school but needs to change it to Tuesday. We do not need a judge’s
signature for change as long as both parties have agreed to the change, in writing. For
example, if the mother says father cannot have contact with the child and the court order
designates joint custody, then we are obligated to follow the court order.

Both parents always have access to the child’s teacher and any educational information unless
the judge has stated otherwise. Our philosophy is to have both parents involved in their child’s
education. If a parent does not live nearby, the parent can provide the school with
self-addressed stamped envelopes and we will mail the specific information the parent would
like to receive.

Custody situations can become uncomfortable for children. Please help us avoid a situation for
your child. Just remember to provide us with the most current documents and we will follow
them. If parents make an agreeable change, please do not call in but provide a note signed by
both parties. If you have given us a copy of your order, we still have it on file. A copy of a no
contact order should also be on file in the school office.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are used on school buses and in and around school buildings.
It is the desire of the Board of School Trustees to provide a safe and secure environment for
students on buses and in our schools. To this end, the Board of School Trustees authorizes the
use of audio-video systems on buses and in schools

All tapes created as a result of such monitoring are the property of the MSD of Martinsville and
access is restricted. Tapes will be maintained for a reasonable period of time and then may be
recorded over. Tapes may be viewed only at prescribed locations and upon authority granted
by the Superintendent.

Information obtained as a result of such monitoring may be used to initiate and/or support
disciplinary action and to improve safety.

School Delays

When there is a possibility of snow or ice, our team will begin driving roads between 4:00 am and 4:30 am. We will cover the main, public roads in our district, but with the short amount of time we have and over 300 miles of roads in our district; unfortunately, we won’t be able to drive on every road.

After checking road conditions throughout the district, our team will meet at 5:15 am. By 5:30 am, we will make a decision to either call off or delay school.

If our school is canceled or delayed, we will begin the following communication procedures:

  1. Dr. Moore will post the news first on Twitter. Please follow her at @drmichelemoore
  2. We will begin notifying staff and parents through a mass phone call using our school messenger program. Telephone numbers are generated from our Skyward database. At your convenience, please check Skyward to ensure your number is up-to-date for this academic year.
  3. We will have our closing and weather delay information on the following stations:
    1. WCBK radio
    2. WISH-8 TV
    3. WRTV-6 TV
    4. WTHR-13 TV
    5. FOX-59 TV

School Delays

As a district, we take your child’s safety seriously and will make a decision about school delays as early as possible. I encourage you as a family to sit down with your children and develop an emergency weather plan that addresses two issues:

What you want your child to do if school dismisses early due to freezing rain or snow?


What happens when there is a two-hour delay if you are both working parents?

We find that when parents have a plan and discuss it with their child beforehand, it helps alleviate stress if school begins late or is dismissed early.

Two-Hour Delays

There are times when a two-hour delay may be necessary due to cold temperatures. We take both wind speed and temperature into account when making the decision.

Please note that even though the temperature is below zero, we may not have a two-hour delay. The wind speed will play just as important a role as the temperature.

The MSD of Martinsville uses the weather chart from the National Weather Service as a starting point for our decision-making process. For reference,