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Back to School plan

Families, our teachers, principals, staff and administrators are dedicated to educating students while keeping our students, team and community safe. We know that students are best educated in classrooms that are balanced with both instruction and social/emotional supports.   We also know this must be done with a great deal of care and safety in mind.  We are committed to providing this type of environment this school year as it is feasible under regional conditions.  As conditions change, so will our plan, to ensure we are ultimately keeping everyone as healthy as possible!   

Our Back to School plan below incorporates a Stop Light Approach: GREEN, YELLOW, RED, as our system for keeping schools running smoothly. To learn more about the plan, please click the link.

We believe it is currently safe to be back in school if all precautions are taken to keep infection under control, but we also know that one mistake could take us backward fast.  For these reasons, we believe giving our staff just a little more time to acclimate to new building procedures is warranted.  We ultimately want every student and every staff member to have a safe day at school each day, much like we’ve been able to do through very strict procedures with summer athletic programs. It’s a new day in education, we must learn how to think and operate differently. 

We know how important our public school system is to so many young lives in our community and recognize everyone is anxious to return to some sort of normal. We will begin the year in RED, then transition to YELLOW and GREEN.



Brooklyn STEM Sprouts

Special Services/Education Pre-kindergarten

Title 1 Preschool

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Artesian Center for Excellence/ Night School

Childcare Services

The MSD of Martinsville is pleased to announce a partnership with Artesians Childcare offering daycare services to MSD of Martinsville employees and residents of Martinsville. Artesians Childcare is accepting applications for children six (6) weeks to five (5) years old. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 6:30 AM – 6 PM, at the Central Education Center (CEC), 389 East Jackson St.

Artesians Childcare offers:

  • FDA approved meals
  • Mother Goose preschool curriculum
  • High safety and communication standards, utilizing Tadpoles ™ technology.

Pricing varies for MSD of Martinsville employees depending on the length of care. MSD employees have the option of all year care or childcare during school months only.

To learn more and tour the facility, please contact Artesians Childcare by email, [email protected], or by telephone @ 317-431-2235.