Our Pledge

Thank you to our MSD team, families and our community. We pledge to work together to stay safe and ensure our children succeed in school.

Three student sitting on floor. Smiling. Each holding a book or iPad. MSD of Martinsville

Mask Guidelines

Mask Policy Highlights

We are excited for our students to return to the classroom. Masks are recommended (but not required) for students and staff who are unvaccinated, have health risks, prefer to wear a mask. Students will be required to wear masks on buses through January 2022, per federal mandate.

What type of face covering is recommended if my child is unvaccinated or chooses to wear a face covering?

Solid cloth, surgical or disposable face mask

Neck gaiter made from cotton.

Face shield worn with a face mask underneath.

New Mask Choice Option for Students


Resources for Families

  • Daily Check
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • IN Department of Health
  • World Health Organization FAQ

Children's Health and Education

  • Academy of American Pediatrics Healthy Children
  • Handwashing Videos from CDC
  • Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring Coronavirus
  • Kids Health