24 Dec, 2018

5 people standing, smiling at camera
(Left to right): IRTF members Sharon Tutterow and Lynne Cox, MHS English teacher Carri Randall, MSD of Martinsville School Board and IRTF member Debbie Lipps, and MHS Principal Nick Sears

Indiana Retired Teachers Foundation presents Carri Randall with grant gift of $500!

Written by Lynne Cox
Indiana Retired Teachers Foundation


Carri Randall won the Active Teacher Grant from the INDIANA RETIRED TEACHERS FOUNDATION (IRTF).  Her project ‘Read Across America’ Lock-In is a way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by grabbing a hat to read with the cat as we promote literacy.  By promoting reading as a cool thing to do, we can tap into our student’s individual interests and make reading rewarding.  

Read Across America is a yearly project by the National Education Association to promote reading for all ages while celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday which is primarily promoted in the elementary schools, but feel it shouldn’t stop there because reading is a tremendous gift for all ages.  By stepping into someone else’s shoes we learn about the world around us and we learn new things.

On March 1, 2019, Carrie Randall will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday in conjunction with Read Across America by having their fourth read-a-thon and overnight reading lock-in.  We know that if a teenager can get a book in their hand and enjoy the book they chose that they will become more successful as an adult.  This cannot happen unless we choose to provide books that interest them and giving them time to read.