24 Dec, 2018

7 persons in a row. Facing camera


Left to right: Ali Lang, Morgan Curtis, Mady Meiring, Bethany Mackin, Kaitlin Sisson, Gracie Johnson, Annah Elliott


The MSD of Martinsville would like to congratulate our MHS students who after much hard work and dedication to their sport have received athletic scholarships to college next year! In conversation with the athletes, each expressed what excited them most about this opportunity.

Ali Lang
Softball scholarship to Mount St Joseph University
“I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life.”


Morgan Curtis
Volleyball scholarship to Franklin College
“I’m excited and ready to play at the next level.”

Mady Meiring
Soccer scholarship to Southern Ilinois University
“Next year is the first year that Southern Illinois University will have a soccer team. I’m excited to be a part of the inaugural team.”


Bethany Mackin
Basketball scholarship to Shawnee State University
“I’m excited about new adventures and experiences.”


Kaitlin Sisson
Softball scholarship to Roosevelt University
“I’m excited to live in the big city.” Roosevelt University has a campus in Chicago, IL.


Gracie Johnson
Basketball scholarship to Cumberland University
“I’m excited about going away and meeting new people.”

Annah Elliott
Softball scholarship to Franklin College
“I’m excited about new adventures.”