MHS Chromebook Update-Tuesday Evening

02 Oct, 2019

Hello Artesian Families,

After another long day of attempting to resolve potential issues with the MHS Chromebook devices, we have been unsuccessful in getting a definitive answer of “yes, they’re safe” from the people handling our issue at HP.  To give you an idea of where we are, the device that malfunctioned is in another state being processed and dissected by an engineer to determine what happened.  We were told just a few minutes ago this could take several weeks before a conclusive result is provided.  This was new information to us and as you can imagine alarming.  We of course in the school community know how important consistency is and having a reliable device is imperative.  I’m personally sorry that we have had to take action a second day by holding Chromebooks back at the high school level.  I was hoping we’d have more information today than we have received.  I do not want to put any of our students or your families in jeopardy over this issue by simply looking the other way.  I also understand that sometimes the show must go on and normalcy is helpful.

Tomorrow, we are expecting an HP executive to fly in and take a look at the devices that students are using.  If we determine anything new from this visit, you will be the first to know the information.

Given those thoughts… MHS parents, please talk with your student tonight about what you would like to happen in the coming days between now and when we get a final answer from HP.  Students may choose to keep their devices stored safely at MHS each day or they may take them home assuming you as a family have thought about a plan in case your particular device overheats or shows signs of combustion.  Beginning tomorrow, it will be up to your student to determine whether the device goes home at the end of the day.  Please talk with s/he and determine if this is best for your family situation.

As for Thursday, an eLearning Day, we will continue forward with plans to hold our eLearning Day as scheduled.  High School students will not be penalized if they choose to leave their device at school, rather they will be given alternative access and time to complete the work.

Thank you for your patience as we truly want to be sure everyone is safe using these devices!


Dr. Jay Arthur