2020 Martinsville High School Graduation

Students, a graduation ceremony is extremely meaningful. It’s an opportunity to reflect on all that you have accomplished. You have experienced a unique year. One that, hopefully, will remind you of your resiliency, your patience and your openness on those occasions when you might need it. Students, your school family and Martinsville community congratulate you on your success. We will honor you on Sunday, July 12, 2020. As we come closer to the event date, we will follow up with more details. 

Congratulations Artesians,

Dr. Jay Arthur







Gold Tassels/ Sashes/ cords/ yard signs

On Monday, May 18th and Tuesday, May 19th, Martinsville High School will hold our end of the year locker clean out/ Chromebook return. (Instructions CLICK HERE) As you exit MHS, please see our seniors’ table where you will find your gold tassels, sashes and cords to wear at graduation. A yard sign with your name will be on the MHS grounds and placed in alphabetical order. 

Students, Principal Burgess will email you a time of arrival. Please wear masks & maintain social distancing for your safety. For health and safety guidelines & Locker Clean Out info, please visit our website,

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Media/ Social Media Recognition

Students, we would like to feature you on social media, Reporter-Times newspaper or on WCBK. Just complete the questions emailed to you from our community relations director, Jayne Burke. The deadline for the Reporter-Times is Monday, May 18th. If you need a refresh of questions, please email, [email protected]

Senior Honors Celebration

Sunday, May 17 @2pm

Join us on Sunday, May 17th for our Senior Honors Celebration. Beginning at 2 pm, we will pay tribute to our students. (Pre-Recorded) To view,  CLICK HERE


Diplomas have not arrived yet to Martinsville High School. We will contact students as soon as we receive them.


Amazing students, if you are unable to attend the 2020 graduation ceremony, please contact your guidance counselor asap.

For any question, please contact:

Mr. Jesse Burgess
Interim Principal
Martinsville High School
[email protected]

Ms. Audrey Jackson
Assistant Principal
Martinsville High School
[email protected]

Mr. Ryan Wagner
Assistant Principal
Martinsville High School
[email protected]