How are we keeping students safe in the Classroom?


We are receiving guidance for with our Morgan County Health Department, Indiana Department of Health, Indiana Department of Education, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and our nurses in an effort to keep our students and MSD team safe.


We are excited for our students to return to the classroom. As we prepare for our Yellow Stoplight, we wanted to share our mask policy created to ensure the safety of students and staff. We will reevaluate the policy on October 5, 2020, to determine if masks can be removed when socially distanced for all or some schools.

What type of mask do I wear?

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Physical Distancing

If an effort to keep everyone healthy, we have implemented physical distancing throughout the school day while still nurturing our students.

How will classrooms be arranged?

Each classroom will have seating charts for all students. (Seating charts will help us with contact tracing, if necessary.)

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The buildings will be cleaning and disinfecting buildings daily. Wednesdays reserved for deep cleaning. 

Best Practises

Hand sanitizer in each room.

Water fountains changed to water bottle stations.

Extra masks available for students.

Students will not have access to school buildings until open hours each morning.

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Food Service

Our food service team will bring breakfast and lunch to classrooms for students in elementary, intermediate and middle school.

High School will pick up food in the lunch room and return classrooms.

Disposable utensils and placemats.

Rolling times for lunches.

Meals individually wrapped.

No lunch guests.

Students may bring food for lunches.

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Students will have assigned seats on buses.

Buses drivers will wear masks.

No school field trips.

Building Air Ventilation

We are proud that we have exceeded state standards for indoor air ventilation in our schools. 

23 New Ventilations have been added to district buildings. 

High School

  • Purchasing additional PPE for hands-on classes.
  • Students use backpacks to reduce visits to lockers.
  • Students not changing clothing for physical education; only change into sneakers.
  • Scheduled passing periods.
  • Red/Blue Classes

    Students will have three (3) classes on Monday and Thursday and three (3) different classes on Tuesday and Friday instead of five (5) classes per day. Bonus: students could receive 18 credits at the end of the trimester instead of the traditional 15.

Bell Intermediate Academy/ Wooden Middle School

  • One classroom all day

    Students will stay in one room. Teachers will rotate classrooms.

  • Lockers not used at Bell for the first semester.
  • Unable to enter school buildings early

    Students will stay in one room. Teachers will rotate classrooms.


  • Unable to enter school buildings early.
  • Specials in elementary

    Art and music teachers will come to classrooms. Students will use their own supplies.


Attendance is required for students participating in eLearning.  Students will check in daily with their teachers by completing the attendance question of the day.  Students will need to complete a question for each of the teachers that they would have been in class with on that day. 

For example:

• A third grade student will complete only one question for their teacher.

• A seventh grade student would complete a question for their ELA, math, science, and social studies teachers.

• A tenth grade student would complete a question for each of the classes they would attend on that day. 

Questions will be sent to students no later than 9:00 in the morning and will have until 9:00 that evening to complete their questions.  Teachers will provide specific details on how students will get these questions answered.  Students will need to complete these questions every day they are not present in the physical building or they will be counted absent for the class period or the day.