Health Guidelines

25 Feb, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians:

We want to send out a friendly reminder of our school policies regarding illness. As the flu season continues, it is important to remember that students who have a temperature of 100 degrees or above should not be sent to school. Students must be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school. This is to ensure that your child is healthy enough to return and minimize the exposure of illnesses to other students and staff members. 

Sending students to school who have a fever or are vomiting, only to have them sent home by the clinic, puts other students and staff at an unnecessary risk for catching the illness. It is important to always encourage your student to use proper handwashing techniques at all times. School nurses, classroom teachers, and parents must work together to help keep all students healthy. 

 Indications for exclusion of children from school and illness guidelines are listed below: 


  1. Temperature of 100 degrees or above (student not return to school until fever free for 24 hours without medication)
  1. In case of threatened epidemic
  2. If accompanied by other symptoms such as: headache or head colds. (anyone with an        elevated temperature should not be around other children, not only for the protection of others but for his or her own protection as well)
  1. Any inflammatory eye condition until under medical treatment or until the eye is clear.
  2. Any rash of suspicious nature. (We do not diagnose so diagnosis must come from a doctor)
  3. Cough, associated with a fever. 
  4. Coryza (head cold) if accompanied by a fever. 
  5. Sore or inflamed throat if accompanied by a fever.
  6. Students with discharging ears, until a note from physician that the condition is being treated or ear is no longer draining. 
  7. Vomiting and/or diarrhea with possible viral or bacterial causes should be excluded from school. 
  8. If a student has symptoms that prevent him or her from actively participating in school activities, (e.g. excessive coughing, sore throat, emotional distress) he or she may also be sent home at the discretion of the nurse/clinic staff. 

If you have any questions about whether your child is healthy enough to return to school, please contact your child’s physician. We appreciate all the support in keeping our students healthy!




Erika Terry, BSN, RN

District Nurse 

MSD of Martinsville School Corporation