Fine Arts

Charles L. Smith Fine Arts Academy produces new, innovative ways to meet our goals of students learning through the arts, performing through the arts, and being engaged both academically and artistically.

We became an academy for the 2017-2018 academic year and offer dance, music, and visual arts-themed electives to upper-level students, in addition to our traditional student curriculum. Our younger students also experience these classes on a more introductory level, which prepares them for their elective choices as they become 2nd graders.

In the Art Room at Smith Fine Arts, students make choices using the Studio Habits of Mind, through a methodology called “Teaching for Artistic Behavior”, to experience working in a shared artist studio. Some of the centers students can choose to create in include Drawing, Painting, Collage, Fibers, Pottery, and Technology. Electives currently include Pottery, both as slab-built ceramics and on a potter’s wheel, Mural-Making, and creating videos in Stop-Motion Photography, but these have the flexibility to change based upon student interest.

Music classes are filled with singing, dancing, reading music, creating music, and
playing lots of instruments! Your child will have a great time exploring music as a performer, creator, and as an audience member. We offer hand drumming (World Music Drumming Curriculum) and drum circle classes, show choir, honor choir, and acoustic guitar class electives for our 2nd – 4th grade students.

In our Dance Program, students learn the elements of dance through movement experiences. They encounter many different ways that their body can move through space to express emotion or interpret a poem. Students step in time and move to the rhythm of the music while exploring nature, math, language arts, and other cultures. Students perform choreographed pieces and learn the skills to choreograph their own dances. They are also introduced to the traditional dance forms of tap and ballet. Our school is equipped with a dance mirror, tap shoes, and ballet bars.

All of our programs tie directly to our vision of “Inspiring, Creating, Achieving…Smith Fine Arts Academy…Explorers of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow.”

Smith Fine Arts Academy Trailer