eLearning Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have eLearning Days?

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) encourages school districts to hold yearly eLearning Days as an opportunity for students to engage their lessons through technology initiatives. Students receive curriculum instruction electronically,  a day of school outside the classroom.

Why is it important for our students?

As the IDOE transitions to digital standardized testing, example ISTEP+ and iLearn, as colleges move to electronic submission of homework, quizzes, and tests, and as technology is transforming the 21-st century workforce, we feel it is our responsibility to expose students to projects such as eLearning Days. By incorporating creativity, practical application, and technology into our curriculum, we hope to prepare our students for the problem-solving, critical thinking, and digital skills they will need for their future.

In addition, the IDOE is exploring using eLearning Days as an option to closing schools for snow days. Instead of losing a day of school only to make it up later, students would complete online lessons and not fall behind in their studies.

For these reasons, we are joining many schools in Indiana and nationally by holding eLearning Days. Our in-school, practice eLearning Day was Tuesday, September 18th. Our official eLearning Day is Thursday, October 4th.

Tuesday, September 18
In-school, Practice eLearning Day

The purpose of the in-school, practice eLearning Day was for teachers to develop online curriculum, then see firsthand the length of time it took students to complete lessons. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and practice how to receive online instruction.

Thursday, October 4
eLearning Day

Students in all grades (pre-k through 12th grade) will engage in digital curriculum at a location of their choice. Students will not come to school. School buses will not be in service.  Please note that Friday, October 5th is a regular school day.

Why was October 4th selected as our eLearning Day?

Thursday, October 4th was selected as this year’s eLearning Day as our K-6 students would already be out of school on that day due to parent/teacher conferences.  Once selected, the date was then reserved for middle and high school teachers as a state-mandated professional development day.

What will happen on eLearning Day?

Students in grades 5th – 12th will take home their Chromebooks. Students in grades K-4th leave their devices at school as a standard practice. Parents will receive instruction from teachers for students in grades K-4.

Pre-kindergarten teachers have created age-appropriate activities in SeeSaw for students to enjoy. Lessons are optional for pre-k students.

Homework from the eLearning Day online instruction may include videos, online assignments, writing a paper, creating a presentation, internet research, or any activity relevant to the student’s curriculum.

How will attendance be taken?

Students who turn in their eLearning Day homework will be considered ‘present’ on Thursday, October 4th.

When is homework due?

Teachers decide if homework will be turned in electronically or in print. Digital homework is due Monday, October 8 at 5 pm and can be completed on Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, home computers, or school lab computers. If in print, homework will be collected on Tuesday, October 9th.

If my child is in grade K-4, where can lessons be completed on eLearning Day?

On October 4th, all elementary schools in the district have scheduled parent/teacher conferences from 1pm – 8pm. Elementary schools will have in-school labs open for students to complete their lessons. Please see the list of hours + locations below:

Brooklyn STEM Academy
Lab hours: 1pm – 6pm and 7pm – 8pm

Centerton Elementary
Lab hours: 1pm – 8pm

Green Township School
Lab hours: 1pm – 8pm

Paragon Elementary
Lab hours: 12pm – 5pm and 6pm – 8pm, BY APPOINTMENT. Please contact the school if your child needs to use the lab.

Poston Road Elementary
Lab hours: 1pm – 4pm and 5pm -8pm

Smith Fine Arts Academy
Lab hours: 1pm – 5pm and 6pm – 8pm

South Elementary
Lab hours: 1pm – 8pm

What if I have a question about my lessons or homework?

Please feel free to email teachers on eLearning Day.

What if I have a slow connection or no internet connection from home?

Our business community is excited to support students who need Wi-Fi on eLearning Day. Please see our list of options below:

  • REMC-has 100 seats for students in their community conference room. Open 9am – 4pm. Will buy students pizza for lunch! Must bring device. 300 Morton Ave, Martinsville
  • Morgan County Public Library- has 25 seats for students in their conference room. Open 9 am – 8:30 pm.  They can provide a few tablets and laptops for students who do not have a device. Parents, please accompany students in grades K-6. 110 S. Jefferson St, Martinsville
  • Community Foundation of Morgan County-has 25 spots for students. Open 9am – 4pm. Students must bring device. Parents, please accompany students in grades K-6. 56 N. Main St, Martinsville
  • Steve’s Appliance Repair -has 2 seats and computers for students. Open 9am – 4pm. Parents, please accompany students in grades K-6. Will buy students pizza for lunch! 134 E. Morgan St, Martinsville
  • Martinsville Youth Development Center-has 20 spots for students. Open 10am – 1pm. They have eight computers. Students may also bring their devices. 165 Morton Ave, Martinsville
  • Main Connection- has 25 seats for students. Must bring device. Maggie’s Coffee Bar will be open from 7 am – 2 pm. Parents, please accompany students in grades K-6. 460 S. Main St, Martinsville
  • River Valley Christian Church-has 100 seats for students. Open 9 am – 2 pm. Will provide a free pancake breakfast and pizza for lunch. Must bring device. 4295 Egbert Rd, Martinsville
  • YMCA-has 25 spots for students in grades 7-12th. Open 9am – 12pm. Must bring device. Students may use the gym or swim in the afternoon for free. 2039 E. Morgan St, Martinsville
  • Beefcake Burgers, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Chili’s — all welcome students! Must bring devices. Parents, please accompany students in grades K-6.

What if I am unable to travel to Martinsville on eLearning Day?

We have four (4) labs available to students on Friday, October 5th after school and Saturday, October 6th:

Friday, October 5th
Time: 4pm – 7pm
Location: Brooklyn STEM Academy, Green Township Elementary, Paragon Elementary, and the Central Education Center (CEC), 389 East Jackson St, Martinsville
Parents, please accompany students in grades K-4.

Saturday, October 6th
Time: 9am – 12pm
Location: Brooklyn STEM Academy, Green Township Elementary, Paragon Elementary, and the Central Education Center (CEC), 389 East Jackson St, Martinsville
Parents, please accompany students in grades K-4.

If I’m having technical issues, is tech support available?

Yes, tech support for devices and software is available by phone on Thursday, October 4th from 8am – 6pm. Please call 765-342-6641, ext 1026.

May I order lunch for my child on eLearning Day?

On October 4th,  the MSD of Martinsville Food Service department will have lunch available to all students for the price of each student’s regularly approved meal plan. Parents may pre-order a grab and go lunch for their child. Lunches will be available for pick-up between 12pm – 12:30pm and at the following locations:  Paragon, Brooklyn STEM Academy, and the Central Education Center (CEC).

Please order lunch by Monday, October 1st at midnight. To order, please click HERE