2020-2021 Back to School Plan

17 Jul, 2020

Jayne Burke

MSD Return to School

Families, our teachers, principals, staff and administrators are dedicated to educating students while keeping our students, team and community safe. We know that students are best educated in classrooms that are balanced with both instruction and social/emotional supports.   We also know this must be done with a great deal of care and safety in mind.  We are committed to providing this type of environment this school year as it is feasible under regional conditions.  As conditions change, so will our plan, to ensure we are ultimately keeping everyone as healthy as possible!   

Our Back to School plan below incorporates a Stop Light Approach: GREEN, YELLOW, RED, as our system for keeping schools running smoothly. In the sections below, you will find correlations and our full plan.

We believe it is currently safe to be back in school if all precautions are taken to keep infection under control, but we also know that one mistake could take us backward fast.  For these reasons, we believe giving our staff just a little more time to acclimate to new building procedures is warranted.  We ultimately want every student and every staff member to have a safe day at school each day, much like we’ve been able to do through very strict procedures with summer athletic programs. It’s a new day in education, we must learn how to think and operate differently. 

We know how important our public school system is to so many young lives in our community and recognize everyone is anxious to return to some sort of normal. We are excited the first day of school is approaching, Wednesday, August 12. We will begin the year in RED, then transition to YELLOW and GREEN.

Please see our schedule below: 
Wednesday, August 12 – Friday, August 28 = (RED) 
Students eLearning/@Home Learning; Teachers/staff report
to buildings; Student after-school events will take place.
Monday, August 31 – Friday, September 11 = (YELLOW)
50% of students in classrooms on Monday/Tuesday and the other 50% will attend on Thursday/Friday.  All Wednesdays are eLearning/@Home Learning; Teachers/staff report to buildings
Monday, September 14  and Moving Forward = (GREEN)
All students in classrooms four (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) days a week.
Wednesday eLearning; Teachers/staff report all five days

Dr. Arthur, Superintendent, and Mr. Buckler, Assistant Superintendent, of the MSD of Martinsville share Back to School Plans for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Dr. Arthur, MSD team and our School Board discuss returning school details of the upcoming year. Plan approved by the School Board, July 2020 meeting.



Low to No COVID Spread.

Students are present in school.

Students in school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week.

Wednesdays through first semester – eLearning/@home learning for students. Deep clean school buildings. Teachers will participate in professional development. For students in grades K – 6 and who do not have internet service at home, buses will bring students to one on campus location where students can do homework and have lunch.



Minimal/Moderate Spread

Reduce students in classrooms.

School will become a hybrid of in school and eLearning/@home learning and placed into two (2) cohorts. 

Cohort A would come to school on Monday and Tuesday with eLearning on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Cohort B would come to school on Thursday and Friday with eLearning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. For example, a 5th grade class with 20 students will split into Cohort A and Cohort B with 10 students in each group.


Substantial Spread

eLearning/@home learning for all students.

If you have a health concern regarding your child or someone in your child’s immediate family and their return to the classroom, please complete this form. You will be contacted by a school representative.