4 boys sitting in chairs holding instruments.

Welcome to msd of martinsville


Welcome to the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville! We are the Artesians!

Our school district is located in central Indiana, thirty miles south of our state capital, Indianapolis. We serve close to 5,000 students from pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. We are a district of opportunity for all students.

We offer choice. We have 7 elementary schools that are driven by state
educational standards and distinct immersive programming:

  • Brooklyn STEM Academy (state accredited)
  • Centerton (state rated 4 stars)
  • Poston Road (Spanish-immersion school)
  • Smith Fine Arts Academy (learning through the arts)
  • Green Township (featuring an agriculture pilot program, spring 2018)
  • Paragon (empowering students through project-based learning curriculum)
  • South (featuring a dynamic communications pilot program, spring 2018)

Students will continue their academic discovery in our middle schools:

  • Bell Intermediate Academy (5th & 6th grade)
  • John R. Wooden Middle School (7th & 8th grade)

Martinsville High School has been an accredited institution for over 100
years and with a 91% graduation rate, continues this tradition by
empowering 9th – 12th graders for scholastic and leadership success.

Our district is 1-to-1 which gives an iPad or Chromebook to each student to further impact their academic experience.

Our curriculum is focused on preparing students for the 21st-century workforce by engaging student learning through technology, creativity, and practical experience.

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